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The Details About Anchor Castings

Our Processes

Aftermarket rush jobs, prototypes, and small quantity production (1 – 500 pieces) are our specialty, and we have no minimum quantity requirements.

We frequently produce sand castings that weigh only a few ounces and we also pour castings that weigh up to 1,500 pounds. We are ready to work with you and we can compete favorably with anyone in the U.S.A.

We would like an opportunity to prepare a price quotation for your next sand casting job. Allow us to tell you more about the process:

Our sand casting foundry is able to produce exactly the part you need through an variety of processes. Each process allows us to tailor the cast to your exact specifications and requirements. Our casting capabilities allow us to accomodate sizes from a few ounces to 800 pounds for aluminum, and up to 1,500 pounds in brass and bronze.

Our skilled craftsmen use a variety of methods to cast your part using chemically bonded sand molding. This sand molding has an advantage and we’d be happy to discuss the advantages of chemically bonded sand molding with you. We also feature a variety of furnaces including an induction swing furnace and a induction tilt furnace so we’re able to melt and pour a variety of non-ferrous metals.

Our efficient processes allow us to accomodate production runs from 1 to 500 pieces in a timely manner. If the casted part you require is mission critical, that’s not a problem either, as we’re able to do rush jobs without issue. Also, our no minimum order requirements makes getting any prototypes you require a breeze.


Alloy Specs

Available alloys but not limited to.


Aluminum Bronze

Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Manganese Bronze (High Strength)

Silicon Bronze