What Our Customers Look Like

Pumping Equipment: Casting propellers, impellers, volutes, and other pumping equipment makes up a majority of our customer base so we know what it takes to cast precision pump and valve components. Our years of experience casting pumping equipment allows us to produce a long-lasting casted part to enhance product and performance.

Farm Equipment: Any lost time due to farm equipment breakdown is unwanted and unacceptable. We can quickly cast farm parts to your exact specifications in a variety of alloys. Or, maybe, you’re just trying to increase the efficiency of your equipment. Our design consultation services can speak with you about what alloy and process would be most advantageous.

Marine Equipment: Marine equipment is susceptible to corrosion and it’s vitally important that your casted marine part is able to withstand constant exposure to the elements. Our foundry is able to cast your custom part in aluminum which is an alloy that has high strength and non-corrosive characteristics.

Truck Engines: An engine contains many components that are under constant pressure. The combination of our casting process and our attention to detail ensures that when you leave our foundry you’ll have a casted engine part that can handle the rigorous task of serving as a vital part of your engine.

Food Processing Equipment: We can cast and finish food processing equipment used in dairy and meat food packaging and other food processing machinery. We can produce a part that meets your specifications and strict guidelines to create a high precision, highly durable casted part.

Fire Fighting Equipment: Casted firefighting equipment needs to work when lives are at stake. We can produce you a precision casted part that is highly durable and meets your specifications and guidelines in the time frame that you need it.

Machines and Machine Tools: Do you need a specialty tool made? We can cast and finish a casted tool out of a variety of non-ferrous alloys to your exact specifications. Need a tool fast? We have a rush service that will get the casted machine tool done quickly.

Paper Processing Equipment: Paper production is extremely demanding and each machine part needs to work flawlessly with one another. Our casting process can produce a precise part that works flawlessly in your paper processing system.

Architectural Restoration: They don’t make things like they used to, meaning many parts are unavailable. We can cast replacement parts in many different alloys or make a cast of an existing building feature allowing you to return a building to its original appearance.

Mechanical Drives: Casted mechanical drive parts can be exposed to harsh conditions and that’s why it’s important to have a casted mechanical drive part that can withstand these conditions. Our non-ferrous sand casting foundry can produce you a specialized part that can withstand these rigorous conditions.

Valves and Fittings: A leaky valve simply won’t do. Our skilled craftsman are dedicated to meeting your specifications with a casted valve that is reliable, and pressure-tight. Our rush service is also available in case time is an issue.

Custom Lighting: Are you trying to create something truly unique or trying to match existing fixtures? A custom casted light fixture can provide you with exactly the part you need so you can make that unique lighting statement or match the rest of the fixtures in your home or workplace.

Construction Equipment: Construction equipment needs to hold up to a lot of abuse, not only from the elements but from every day use as well. Our casting and finishing process will produce you a part that will stand up to the everyday rigors of construction work. Our rush service is also available to get you back on the job quickly.

Recreational Equipment: Whether you’re trying to improve your performance or fixing a broken part, the combination of our casting process and alloy selection allows us to produce a custom part that meets and/or exceeds the performance of the original.

Commemorative Plaques and Art: We can help you commemorate a special event or accomplishment with a custom made commemorative plaque casting. We have different alloys such as bronze and aluminum to give you the look and finish you require. Plus, we have no minimum order requirements so we can produce exactly how many you desire, even if it’s just one.