Anchor Castings Inc.

About Us

Our Customers

Our customers demand the highest quality casted parts. Our mission is to exceed all our customers’ expectations through our excellent customer service, skilled craftsman, and a high quality casted part. Whether you need just one part or 500 our foundry can cater to your exact needs and specifications.

Need a prototype? Our no minimum order requirements makes us a great choice to produce you a custom made prototype. We’ll work with you to cast and finish a prototype that fits your needs perfectly. Don’t worry about the size because we can produce a casted prototype of different alloys from a few ounces up to 1300 pounds. We also offer design consultation so you can be sure that your prototype works exactly like you want it to.

Have a broken part? We understand that any down time you experience because of a broken part is money coming out of your pocket. That’s why it’s important to have someone that can get you a new part so you can get back to work. All our processes are designed to get you up and running quickly with a casting that meets your exact specifications.