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We are a Nonferrous sand foundry Serving many industries

About Anchor

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Quality castings

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  • No bake sand Molding
  • Induction melting
  • Fully staffed
  • Almost zero staff turnover
  • Unmatched sense of urgency
  • Over 100 years in business
  • We are a job shop
  • We work with many industries
  • Specialize in low to mid volumes
  • No minimum quantities
  • Emergency service
  • Air conditioned shop

Services Offered

  • Pattern development
  • Machining
  • Heat treating
  • Certification and testing

Most Common Alloys used

A319 A356.1

Manganese Bronze (High Strength)
C86300, C86500

Aluminum Bronze
C95200, C95400, C95500, C95800

Silicon Bronze
C87500, C87600

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New in 2023

Adding a 3rd induction furnace
Automating the cutoff and grinding process

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